Transparent product is a customized solution for LED display screen glass wall and it is a revolutionary product of glass wall. Brand new design and installation scheme are launched to accomplish the ultra-thin, bendable and easy install characteristics. Providing multiple transparency options for customer by realizing the pixel interval range selection from 3.9mm to 15.6mm. The transparency can change from 65% to 95% and adapt to different environments.
This product can customize the color, theme and material and perfectly match your glass wall. Plenty of structure designs and frames are provided for you to satisfy your aesthetic demand and theme style

 (1)Ultra light: Using lighter frame structure to control the screen weight to 7.6kg/㎡and meanwhile the screen flatness is guaranteed. It is quick and easy set-up for leasing or fixture.
(2)Easy assembling and maintain: The screen body structure is simple. It is the modular design that makes the overall assembling more easier and the modules can be easily replaced. A long time period guarantee will be provided.
(3)Thin: The thinnest thickness of the screen is only 21mm.

1.Excellent display effect: Through the circuit design, let go of the pillar heat as possible. It not only guarantees the overall display effect but also increase the refresh rate.
2. Customized appearance: Two parts of the screen body are opacity,one is the display circuit part and another is the structure support rod. These two parts can be designed with customized patterns and colors. The product color can be customized according to the main color of the store. Let the screen body be the most important element in your perfect design.
3. High brightness and low energy: The brightness is from 500-3500nits and the lowest power is 160w per meter square.

1.Flat: Using the SMD method to ensure the transparency and to achieve the best flatness. And it will not bend the light bar.
2.Stable: The screen automated production ensures the efficiency and reliability. And the mute power keeps the noise away. IV. REMOTE CLUSTERING CONTROL
All videos or photos can be played, the format such as JPG, PNG, MOV, WMV, MP4, etc. Using the control software to control all the networks remotely and also monitor and update the display content to keep the advertisement update in real time.

Item OC-TPR-P3.9×7.8 OC-TPS-P3.9×7.8 OC-TPM-P3.9×7.8
Pixel pitch 3.91×7.8mm 3.91×7.8mm 3.91×7.8mm
Pixel density 32,768 pixels/sq.m 32,768 pixels/sq.m 32,768 pixels/sq.m
Led configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
Module resolution 128×16 pixels 128×16 pixels 128×16 pixels
Module size 500x125mm 500x125mm 500x125mm
Panel resolution 256x64pixels 256x64pixels 256x64pixels
Panel size 1000x500mm 1000x500mm 1000x500mm
Transparency 70% 70% 70%
Panel weight less than 8KG less than 4KG less than 4KG
Brightness 5000nits 800nits; 3000nits; 5000nits 800nits; 3000nits; 5000nits
Max power consumption 800W/sq.m 800W/sq.m 800W/sq.m
Ave power consumption 240W/sq.m 240W/sq.m 240W/sq.m
Viewing angle 160°;160° 160°;160° 160°;160°
Lifespan(hrs) more than 100000 hrs more than 100000 hrs more than 100000 hrs
Power supply 220VAC+-10%; AC50Hz 220VAC+-10%; AC50Hz 220VAC+-10%; AC50Hz
Working temperature -40°C to 45°C -40°C to 45°C -40°C to 45°C
Refresh rate more than 1920Hz more than 1920Hz more than 1920Hz
Protection level IP22 IP22 IP22
Scan mode 1/8 scan 1/8 scan 1/8 scan
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