Our Mission:

To Manufacturer and deliver the most reliable highest quality leading-edge LED solutions in the industry today.   Icor products are certified in ISO9001/14001 thus ensuring only the highest quality LED display products are produced. All our products are cULus, EMC, FCC and Industry certified which enables users to pass any safety inspection prior to integration

About Us:

Icor International LED is a group of Broadcast engineers that primarily had a long history of designing and building Stadiums, Arenas, Hotels, Airports and Broadcast Facilities. Traveling the continental USA to service Broadcast solutions, by default we were asked to assist with maintenance after Sony had discontinued the Jumbotron product.  Due to the lack of parts, we developed a system so that we could retrofit modules so that facilities with the Jumbotron would be able to maintain their solution until a replacement solution entered the market.   We were fortunate to work with the industry first LED manufacturers eventually assisting with R&D as we identified design flaws along the way.  Eventually we decided to re-invent the wheel and go to market with a product strictly for our own house accounts but when consultants and resellers approached us we decided to continue development and go to market with a sales and reseller channel.   We have been growing substantially ever since.  Providing ETL FCC Certified product, Independent product testing, Installation and Service, Insurance related services.

In addition to LED Opto Electronics Research and Development, Our company also provides independent LED Product Testing on behalf of LED resellers, Integration companies , and insurance companies who may be at odds with the LED manufacturer who may be looking to void service or warranty due to conditions such as environmental, structure modifications or painting, even natural disasters, acts of god.  What we do is provide product testing either in our laboratory or on site while writing a fully detailed report with our findings.  The LED display market is very saturated which has caused the market to become overly competitive. As a result many projects become a race to the bottom where after turn-over, the original supplier will look for any excuse to NOT cover the product.  In some cases, the product provided is from manufacturers who have an extremely proprietary solution that parts cant be sourced elsewhere unlike many solutions that use open platform components which is a more viable way to go.     Regardless we always tell any prospect, please make sure you are considering a product that has UL, ETL and FCC certification and uses open platform components so that down the road retrofits and upgrades are easily performed.  

What makes us Unique:

 Our team of  in-house engineers allows us to produce custom projects for any client request within half the time and cost. More importantly, all our products are designed and developed in-house with proprietary rights allowing us to have complete control of every major component of any LED display project. We one of the few manufacturers who utilize the international HD NTSC REC-709 & REC-2020 calibration. This makes it possible for us to provide our clients the exact same LEDs to match their display by using a special camera calibration technology.

Please stand by while this site is being updated. Our company provides repair and support for all other branded screens. As a result we have been very busy handling the continental USA because most providers of support were no longer traveling due to COVID. We have a new catalog of 2021 products awaiting to be printed but in the short term, here is our catalog for downloading. It is 749 mb so it is suggested to download to a computer rather than a cell phone.

Thank you

The Icor Team