For the last 25 years our company has been providing design, engineering and especially support/repair services to LED factories and resellers across USA. Not only for the known Canadian and USA factories, but for the one of over 30 thousand Chinese LED trading companies or factories, many of whom do not have any USA agents, representatives or repair capabilities. Icor was automatically positioned to offer premium superior support when others would not bother. Today ICOR has over 46 Support contracts with customers across the Americas, as well as in select foreign countries.

Using our LENS Interactive remote assistance using augmented reality, we are able to assist many novice level technicians remotely vastly increasing the abilities to get customers back up and running quickly. If it requires dispatching a technician we are able to do so within 2 hours from MIAMI FLORIDA.

Interactive remote assistance using augmented reality.

Save money by reducing travel costs by allowing our team to see what you see in real time using our app.

Contact us today to schedule a discovery call to help service your needs. If it requires a physical site survey, we are willing to head on out.

‚ÄčToll Free Nation Wide 1-888-676-ICOR (4267)
24/7 Support Dial Extension 3

Remote Support Attended or Unattended Remote Access Software

Initiate an on-demand or scheduled support session, share your screen with remote support. Icor LED Engineers can login and review your configuration and hardware settings often catching errors that are overseen. This has been proven to save thousands of dollars in support services.

Connect Remotely. Save time and money. We have different levels of remote support, from emergency connections which we connect to your computer after accepting our connection, or for customers under support agreements, we have remote monitoring activated where we can connect at any hour of the week to address issues before they are discovered. Contact us today for a discovery call.

Toll Free Nation Wide 1-888-676-ICOR (4267)
24/7 Support Dial Extension 3