The portable VMS: Mobile Color message board with a trailer included.

It is used to display the traffic or weather information in the form of text or graphic images to warn drivers which is proven to reduce traffic accidents.   The portable VMS trailer can be easily used any time without AC power.

Additional Information:

Auto brightness control.

Hydraulic system is available.

VMS can be controlled by either remote controller or network server .

Users can control the LED Signs by sending SMS Text.

The VMS can be rotated at 360 degree after being lifted.

GPS function is available, users can monitor the position of Mobile VMS.

Touch Screen Controller

Easier control with Touch screen hand held controller.

Firmware can be updated by USB.

VMS & LCS Control at real-time basis via Wifi.

Texts edit and Picture transfer directly via ICORVM2 System.

Support RS485 serial port.