Media Processor 9000

Originally broadcast engineers only servicing LED displays that were attached to our control rooms, we identified much room for improvement when it came to signal processing.  As a result, we went to the drawing board to design a processor using industry known chipsets for scaling designed here in the USA.  In addition, we wanted a means to have more than one input with the ability to program the incoming resolution as well as the outgoing resolution.  We first came out with our 5 series processor with built-in media player as well as live video input now bring you the best processor in the LED Business.  It incorporates everything the publicly traded LED companies forgot to consider.

Why cascade 7 processors when just one (1) of our engineered processor will handle the same amount of pixels while also offering signal redundancy.


Developers of the first proprietary broadcast processor combining Switch, Monitor, Video Processor, Full-HD Media Player and LED Display Controller in one, breaking the discrete pattern of traditional control systems

Technology features:

Integrated with Shortcut Switches, Monitor, Video Processor, Full-HD Media Player and LED Display Controller
Supports DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, dual-link DVI and 3G SDI Input
Supports daisy chaining of monitors of up to four streams
Advanced Faroudja video processing: MADi and DCDi
axis color independent of ACC
4K x 2K screen resolution support
Supports Genlock
Built-in 6.5mm audio jack
6G LED Display Data Link
Supports SD Card and mSATA SSD Mass Storage Devices
Supports Gigabit Ethernet


Demonstration video available upon request.  Please contact us and we will send you the link.