Independent Unbiased LED Product Testing

In addition to LED Opto Electronics Research and Development, Our company also provides independent LED Product Testing on behalf of LED resellers, Integration companies , and insurance companies who may be at odds with the LED manufacturer. These providers on occasion looking to void service or warranty due to a slue of excuses such as installing a commercial product in a consumer application or visa versa. Another common excuse is purchasing through an unauthorized supplier or broker. For the resellers just flipping product found on a google search from one of 30 thousand Chinese factories in Shenzhen there is absolutely ZERO support and warranty does not exist. FACT!

Now that we are in 2021, what we currently see as a trend is select manufacturers who bid extremely aggressively have zero margin for warranty and repair. They most often find issues and over critique something with the installation which was outside their scope in order to void the warranty and we think this is a crime in itself.

When customers are at odds with the supplier and there is ongoing problems with reliability, we provide product testing either in our laboratory or on site while writing a fully detailed report with our findings. We also have a regular ongoing relationships with the manufacturer of the components such as CREE, Nationstar, Nichia and other lamp manufacturers. They work with us to indentify falsified claims that the product purchased was using their components when often it was not true.

The LED display market is very saturated which has caused the market to become overly competitive. As a result many projects become a race to the bottom where after turn-over, the original supplier will look for any excuse to NOT cover the product so that they can profit after the sale to make up for what they discounted in order to win the opportunity..  In some cases, the product provided is from manufacturers who have an extremely proprietary solution that parts can not be regularly sourced elsewhere. This is unlike many solutions that use open platform components which is a more viable way to go.     Regardless we always tell any prospect, please make sure you are considering a product that has UL, ETL and FCC certification and uses open platform BRAND NAME components so that down the road, retrofits and upgrades are easily performed.

Remember, the products that we manufacturer took all of this in consideration but as said above, the market is overly saturated often product certification is overlooked because of the attractive bottom dollar quote.  

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