Soccer filed perimeter: 

Icor’s cutting-edge technology integrates each perimeter cabinet with its own light sensor, making it possible to control the chroma and brightness of each cabinet independently. Icor’s proprietary control system renders the sharp brightness change between the shaded part and the sunlight part of a display into gradual changes, meeting the requirement of human vision.


ARENA lighting: 

Working in professional and college sports industry, especially in Arena applications our biggest complaint has been how they dislike the hum of the mercury vapor transformers.  Some facilities assume this hum is coming out of their audio systems but we inform them this is the lighting transformer for the old 1000 watt fixtures.

To address this problem we developed a commercial grade high bay LED fixture that has a very accurate Color Rendering Index (CRI).  We make them available in several color temperatures although 3200 and 5600 seem to be the most common.  In addition to eliminating the transformer hum, our fixtures which are even brighter only draw 140 to 240 watts per fixture whereas older fixtures draw 1000 watt.  In addition, the new LED fixtures put out literally no heat where older fixtures run well over 700 degrees at the bulb and 400 degrees at the base.  By switching to LED your facility temperature will drop substantially allowing your air conditioner to work at half load..

Consider upgrading to LED with our 5 year warranty and cut your energy expense as much as 70% or more.  For a product demonstration please contact us today.

Down counters: 

  • Extreme thin design, light weighted. Waterproof, dustproof, high-temperature resistant, rust resistant, vibration resistant, energy efficient, long lifespan, etc.
  • Ultra-bright LED used, pixel cluster structure guarantee high stability, uniform brightness.
  • Extremely reliable with “watchdog” circuit adopted.
  • Multiple mounting modes available to meet specific installation environment.
  • Easy maintenance and component replacement.
  • Auto alarm at critical voltage.