LED High Bay Lighting

LED Outdoor High Bay Lights

Developed after years of research and Development we present our High Bay LED lights that out perform other fixtures on the market.

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Plant, gymnasium, supermarket, refrigeration storage, warehouse, parking lot, logistics center and other high-rise buildings.


Light in weight. 240W weighs only 6.5kgs.

Unique convection design breaks away from the conventions.

Luminous efficiency up to 100LM/W.

Constant-current power supply ensures high efficiency, stability and reliability.

Energy-saving and long LED lifespan (>50,000 hours).

Flexible Installation (suspension/fixed installation), suitable for different environments.

IP65, suitable for outdoor parking lots, stadiums and so on.

LED Diagram

3535 LED
3030 LED(60°)

Installation Instructions

Type A

Installation Steps:

Fix the high bay to installation position with M10 screws (Figure 1);

Adjust the high bay to proper angle (adjustable range -700~700) (Figure 2);

Connect wires according to identifiers (Figure 3).

Figure 1                                                             Figure 2                                                                       Figure 3

Type B

Installation Steps:

Hang the high bay on the hook (Figure 4);

Connect wires according to identifiers (Figure 5).

Figure 4                                                                                                                              Figure 5

Light Distribution Curve

                                    3535LED(70°)                                                                        3030LED(60°)                                                                          3030LED(120°)

Power must be cut off before installation or repair.

Make sure that voltage is within the parameters we provide. Otherwise, the lamp might be damaged.

Insulating treatment must be done to the metal head of the power cable before connecting the wire.

It’s natural that the surface temperature would be higher to some extent during usage.

Do not apply any external force on the high bay or intentionally drop it.

LED high bay should be stored in a cool, dry and clean place.

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